Friends of Forum

The people listed below have contributed to Forum since No. 43. Follow the links to learn more about them and what they've done for Forum.

If you contributed to Forum before the year 2000 you are invited to submit a photo and short biography for publication, and to request that your original article(s) be republished on this web site.
If your name should be here and is not (our apologies), or if you need to update personal information, please contact the editor.
Itati Acuña
Pat Adams
Nick Alchin
Kattya Arroyo
Vivek R Bammi
Sue Bastian
Timothy Bedford
Jon Benison
Mimi Bick
Rick Bisset
Leslie Bober
Jennie Brooks

Les Casey
Jerry Chris
Mike Clarke
John L. Day
Eileen Dombrowski
Eugenio Fasano
Charles Freeman
Bill Frere
Sue Giddings
John Green
K.A.M. Hatcher
Carolyn Henly
Anita Bjelke Holt
Steve Hreha
Steven Huxley
Vassilis Kyrtatas
Susana Leventhal
Harvey Levy
Anton Ljutic
Luciano Luksic
Nilza Masullo
Hugh Mitchell
Sofia Moreno
Ricardo Navia
Dennis Oberg
Pat Prather
Beverly Racine
Magdalena Reyes
Bill Roberts
Alistair Robertson
Elsie Rotenberg
Lena Rotenberg
Manjula Salomon
Andy Seehusen
Gautam Sen
Ric Sims
Marilynne Sinclair
Richard Sobel
George Spanos
Tim Sprod
Nancy Sullivan
Mark Sylvester
Chris Talbot
Lorna TenEyck
Mary Enda Tookey
Mette Sofie Tresselt
Trevor Trumper
Richard van de Lagemaat
Miguel Wald
Tim Waples
Matthew Woolman
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