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November 2003
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Articles and Lessons

The relevancy of TOK by Rick Bisset
Easy ways for your students to realize that TOK is useful.

The Quest by K.A.M. Hatcher
A poem about the eternal quest for knowledge.

Constructing a TOK course--literally! by Bill Frere
Bill is building another thematic course. See it happening by visiting his blog, as of January 2004.

Hyperlinks for presentations: an interview with Manjula Salomon
Manjula's way of doing presentations ensures that students are passionate about their topics.

Nine tips on good TOK presentations by Nick Alchin.
A good document for students to read!

A case against equating ethics and morality by Jerry Chris
Why it is a good idea to mention ethical theories in TOK.

Can law-breaking be justified? Civil disobedience and knowledge by Steven Huxley
A lesson in ethics and politics based on a case study.

Some further comments for the TOK curriculum review committee by Ricardo Navia
A reply to the questionnaire posted on the OCC in February 2003.

The TOK Shelf

Nicholas Alchin's Theory of Knowledge: Teacher's Book by George Spanos
A panoramic view of the book, and an in-depth description of chapter 9

A tale of three texts: how one teacher is getting to know TOK by Tim Waples
Tim describes his experiences with TOK textbooks by Tomkinson, Woolman, and now Alchin.

A review of Hugh Robertson's Student Projects by Marilynne Sinclair
Some parts of this general text can be very useful to the TOK student.

Worth Clicking (more details about the links below)

The political compass
The yuk factor (Taboo)
The argument clinic
What if Einstein was wrong?
Reaching for the stars: an interview with George Walker

Forum Bits

From the editor: First issue of Forum online (based on the last print issue, 48A)

Bits & pieces
Birllaint Obsrevatoin
Round the world with the TOK wheel
Inadvertent student humor from May 2003 essays

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